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5 Reasons Why Almonds Should be Included in your Diet?

From ancient times almonds have ‘ruled the roost’ and have been considered as ‘the king of nuts’. Why not add another prefix to coin the term ‘almond is a capsule for all irrespective of age?

In today’s fast-moving lifestyle, with busy schedules and deadlines to meet, we hardly have any time to cook or eat elaborate meals. It is at this juncture, that we require portable but, yet wholesome and nourishing food. The nutrient-dense ‘almond’ is indeed a ‘blessing in disguise you can find the best organic almonds online at an affordable price. Almond is a rich source of fiber, protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

The numerous health benefits of almonds in a nutshell –

Counters Obesity: Obesity is a crux of most of the diseases of the 21st century. Eating almonds in lieu of junk foods or fast foods can assist in weight loss to some extent. The high fiber content of almonds can make one feel satiated for a longer time.

Reduces incidence of lifestyle diseases: Sedentary lifestyles, intake of high calorie – high-fat food, stress, lack of exercise, and insomnia are some of the reasons for the high incidence of heart diseases and diabetes. Cancer also seems to have become a common household name. Making almonds a part of a heart-healthy diet can reduce the ill-effects of saturated foods. Almonds contain unsaturated fats called ‘good fats’ which help lower LDL cholesterol (bad fat). Research suggests that intake of almonds regulates blood pressure and protects arteries from fatty plaque deposition which leads to narrowing of the lumen of arteries which further leads to fatal heart attacks. The fiber in almonds helps to maintain blood glucose levels. Diabetics munching on almonds instead of high glycemic index foods or simple carbs like potatoes can be assured of a controlled blood sugar level. Almonds are rich in antioxidants, thereby having an important role to play in cancer prevention. These antioxidants help negate the adverse effects of ‘free radicals’ or toxins generated within the body. There are various online pharmacies from where you can buy dry fruits in Delhi to enjoy its benefits easily.

Best organic Almonds Online

Acts as a memory booster: Almonds seem to be good for the brain. Being a nutrient-dense nut, almonds enhance intellectual capacity. The high protein and other essential nutrients act as a tonic to the brain. Hence, children need to be given 2-3 soaked almonds/day to improve their memory power and intelligence.

Excellent for pregnant women: Almonds serve as an excellent source of energy and essential nutrients for pregnant women. The folic acid content of almonds decreases birth defects of newborns. Almonds are supposed to be the best nourishment for both mother and child. Buy the best organic almonds online to reap their benefits.

Care of skin: Almond milk and almond oil are frequently used in beauty treatments. They improve skin tone and complexion. Massaging almond oil for newborns is a common practice. Almond face scrub can be prepared at home by soaking almonds overnight and coarsely grinding and adding cream to the paste. This serves as an excellent scrub to remove dead skin and results in glowing of the skin. Almonds are also good sources of other nutrients like calcium, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin E.

Almonds are available both in sweet and bitter forms. Sweet almonds are edible whereas bitter almonds are generally used for almond oil preparations. Almonds soaked overnight are the best form as they are easily digestible and more nutritious. Soaking also removes antinutrients and improves mineral availability. Soaked almonds taste better and are good for health. Hence these easy to store, easy to carry, and easy to eat nuts should definitely be made a part of a well-balanced diet.

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