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6 Dry Fruits You Should Have in the Summer

Fruits that have been dried or dehydrated are known as dry fruits. They’re rich in nutrients and have a long shelf life! Incorporating dry fruits into your everyday diet will benefit you in a variety of ways! It will assist you in protecting your digestive health as well as your skin and overall health. During summers when the scorching heat bestows its wrath upon us, we can save ourselves with the right choice of foods and drinks. This is why you would need to take a healthy snack with you. There are some tasty and nutritious options available. Either refrigerate them for a short snack, add them to smoothies, or grate them for garnishes. Here are six non-starchy dry fruits for your tasty and nutritious summer snack options.

  • Dates – Dates are a delicious and healthy choice for a balanced digestive system since they are rich in potassium. A couple of dates in the morning will help regulate your metabolism. Dates are also rich in calories and have plenty of vitamins, iron, and fibre. If you need an immediate burst of energy, consume some dates.
  • Figs – If you want to lose weight this season, dried figs are the way to go. They’re great for guilt-free snacking because they’re low on sugar. Iron and folic acid are both found in figs, which assist in blood health. They’re high in antioxidants which can help you avoid hypertension and cardiac failure.
  • Raisins (raisins) – Dried grapes are a delicious option ideal for consumption all year, you can use them to add a twist to any savoury dish or just eat them plain. They’re rich in potassium, and they’ll help you keep your acidity in check. Raisins are also abundant in magnesium, making them a safe way to battle anaemia. If you can’t find good quality raisins in your nearby store, can buy online organic raisins.

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  • Apricots – Dried apricots are a fantastic source of iron, fibre, vitamins A and C, calcium, and potassium, as well as a tasty snack. The juice of dried apricots can be used to cure, sunburns and give you radiant skin for the ideal summer look.
  • Prunes –Also known as dried plums, are safe for the skin, blood pressure, and bones. Prunes are high in fibre and vitamin K, hence, aid in the maintenance of a balanced metabolism and the prevention of strokes. You can consume a few before a workout or sports session to get a boost of energy.
  • Mango – Summer is the season for mangoes! Although nothing beats biting into the juicy flesh, you can also try the dry ones. You should stock up on dried mangos for the whole year because they last longer than fresh mangos. Antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E are also abundant.

Dry fruits are a great way to stock up on seasonal and healthy fruits. If you are looking for dry fruits online in Delhi NCR, then we, at SDH Nuts & More, are here for you. Place your order for your choice of dry fruit with us.

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