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Several Ways To Add Top Quality Organic Seeds In Your Diet

The nutrition value of organic seeds is gaining lots of buzz among health experts and health-conscious people alike and for good reasons. The seeds food diet is also easy to adopt in your daily diet, thus, making it easier to enjoy the numerous benefits of the new potent superfood on the block. So, you can purchase organic chia seeds for sale from reputable stores to add them in different ways.

Mix Whole

Chia seeds can be mixed whole into a wide range of dishes and desserts. You can add whole seeds to:
• Apple juice for a “sago” effect
• Diluted fruit juice for an instant chia Fresca
• Nut milk, soy milk, or just plain milk to make chia pudding
• Granola bars
• Yogurt
You can also just eat whole chia seeds as a healthy snack. After all, being on the chia food diet should be easy, not difficult.

buy organic chia seeds online

Grind and Soak

Grinding and soaking will not affect the level of seeds nutrition so you must not hesitate to do so. We suggest grinding the seeds and then mixing with:
• Hot milk for a healthy breakfast porridge/energy drink
• Peanut butter, margarine, and other favorite spreads
• Cinnamon and butter for topping on hot scones and bread
Soak the seeds in water, milk, or eggs for a few minutes, ground the seeds, and then mix with hot oatmeal, mashed potatoes, and hamburger mix.

Add and Thicken

Yet another clever way to adopt the Chia diet is to simply add whole or ground seeds to soups and stews as a thickening agent. You may have to experiment with the number of ground seeds to put into the dish although a teaspoon is sufficient for a medium-sized pot. You can add the chia seeds to any type of soup or stew – chicken, tuna, and vegetable, for example – without affecting the savory taste of the final dish.

Bake and Enjoy

Again, you can add whole or ground chia seeds to batter and dough for cakes, cookies, and bread, among others. Your personal preferences will determine how much Chia will go into the mixture, say, a teaspoon for a whole pan. Chia seeds can be added to pancakes, chia pan bread, crackers, and cheesecakes. The seed’s subtle nutty taste adds another dimension to the flavors of your sweet baked treats.

Add and Dress Up

The beauty of the chia foods diet is that the seeds add more nutrients to already nutritious vegetable salads. You can either sprinkle whole seeds over the salad or incorporate these into the dressing. You may also soak the seeds in sprouts, wait for these to become sprouts, and add to the vegetables. Buy organic chia seeds online to add beauty to your recipes.

Smooth as Ice

Chia seeds may also be tossed into the blender along with the ingredients for smoothies and shakes. Or you can make a healthy topping for ice cream by mixing chia seeds, pureed fruit, and fruit juice.

Marinating Sauces

With their slightly nutty taste, the whole chia can also be added to barbecue sauces, which will add flavors to the meat. Let the seeds soak for a few minutes before putting in the meat or spreading the sauce over the meat.

The chia diet is a superfood full of nutrition and you can add it as easily adopt as it is healthy for the body. Why not do it now? Buy fresh seeds online in Delhi from SDH Nuts & More to add to this superfood food in several ways.

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