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Is There Any Possible Way of Drying Mangoes at Home?

Fruits not only deliver taste but also some health benefits alongside, as a king of fruits, mangoes are also one such type of fruit that has many benefits and is the master in the taste of all fruits in the world. More than 200 varieties of mangoes are available in nature and all are different in taste and size from each other. There are many, who are also fond of dry fruit and nuts like walnuts and cashews, so they buy walnut online purchase for themselves. Drying mangoes can also bring wonders in the taste and style of the fruit, it is considered that if the fruit is dried then its richness and productivity increase. Yes! There are certain ways of drying mangoes at home, and below are some of the methods shared.

It is also important what type of mangoes you choose for drying and how much time it takes in the process of drying. Here are some of the steps given:


  • Sun-drying mango method
  • Using a dehydrator for drying your mangoes
  • Oven-dried mangoes

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The above written is the methods of drying a mango at home, apart from using a dehydrator which could be a different method and exceptionally different from the rest. There are some other methods that are also under action if you are looking to dry mangoes at home, in which sun drying is the easiest and possible method that can happen easily:

  • Find an atmosphere of Low humidity, strong sunshine, and a temperature of at least 85 degrees Celsius to start sun drying of mangoes.
  • Cover the cheesecloth over-drying frame, now pinch and fix the cloth from all the corners to prevent it from flubbing
  • Steam the pieces of mango for 5 minutes for blanching, and then put in cold water and then thoroughly drain them for drying
  • Now arrange the drained pieces on a dry plate apart from each other that they should not touch
  • Cover the prices with cloth or glass by keeping favorable ventilation
  • After keeping them in sun for 2-5 days they will be dehydrated enough for consuming
  • Try keeping it in a moisture-free jar for use
  • These dried mangoes can be placed for a long time as a preservative and can also be consumed in any state

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